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Interview Report On A Prominent Person Who Has Contributed To The Community.

I chose to visit the mother in the mid-term first holidays in the Kelana Village. My children and wife very  happy to hear this news. I leave there because he wants to take the opportunity to interview a community leader Kelana Village. This is a job interview English For Communication course that I took through the distance education mode Bachelor of Education at the University of Sultan Idris. Since marrying my neighbors know him only as the mother. I do not really know his family. Therefore, I hope that through these interviews are able to recognize her family closer.
My family went to the Kelana Village in the morning Saturday, 30 May 2011. The village is located 65km from Tawau town. This means it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the village. Along the way we see the green fields of oil and still maintain a view of nature. Has paved the road to the village since the end of 2009. Prior to this, a trip to the Kelana Village take 2 - 3 hours because the roads are not flat and filled with large stones. This village has received a lot of changes through the upgrade project. Our arrival was greeted with great joy by the mother. I sit back and plan to interview the leaders of tomorrow.


The Interview Reports
Village Development Committee Secretary Kampung Kelana


On 1 May 2011, I am a Bachelor student at University College Distance Learning Education Sultan Idris has interviewed a prominent figure in Kelana Village   at Tawau,     Mr. Swandy Bin Idris as the Village   Development Committee Secretary. I am accompanied   by   my  wife  and children - a son. We visited his home at 9.00 am. Since the Harvest Festival public holiday, so we are fortunate to be able to find him a while gardening in his backyard.

            The arrival we were greeted warmly by his wife Mrs. Junaidah Sawali and his daughter is 4 years old Nurul Farah Hani binti Swandy. Cheerfulness in the face gave me the confidence to proceed with the interview session with the spirit of this figure. Riding in a two-storey wooden house owned by his residence was the home features impressed me with the Malays. I can see the neat arrangement of furniture and family pictures on the wall makes sense as closely familiar with his better known as Pak Wan. We talked in the living room while enjoying   a  meal milo milk, and fried banana with sambal belacan prepared by his wife. My husband introduced himself and asked permission to hold an interview session with him. Without doubt he received a goal we are happy.
           I chose  Village Development Committee Secretary Kelana Villaeg as a public figure to be in the interview as his contribution to the development of the village from the political, economic and social need to be appreciated. In fact, he stayed in line with my mother's house which houses the seventh. I was also born and peaceful village. I know this since the village chief was in the school in 1995. At that time, he became a Volunteer Member of the village.
Biography of interview                                               

En. Swandya Bin Idris was born in Kelana Village  Tawau on 10 February 1968. He is the son of the Kelana Village identity. His father Mr. Haji Idris, was a businessman in a small anchovy ethnic Bajau, while his mother Mrs. Munirah Ahmad is the son of ethnic identity Tidong  Kelana Village. His father came from Semporna and settled in the Kelana Village since married his mother.

He received his early education at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelana Tawau and further studies at the secondary level, the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kinabutan, Tawau. This is because there is no secondary school in the village at that time. He had lived in a dorm and separated from his parents. He completed his studies at SPVM in Tawau Technical Secondary School. Upon completion of grade five at SMK Teknik Tawau he helped his father work in the Kelana Village anchovies. In addition, he was active in the association since the secondary level by following the Village Youth Football Club Kelana.
He was married to a girl who comes from Semporna Sabah in 1992. He was acquainted with his wife, Lepa-Lepa Festival at Semporna Sabah. He and the village youth to follow the competition. He and members of the group won the competition in 1990. This is the first time he did the village of his birth. He has been blessed with two children of 12 year old Nurul Asyikin and Nurul Farah Hani was 4 years old. After his father died, he resumed his company anchovies. He marketed the anchovies to the market district of Sandakan and Lahad Datu.
After the interview session, we are treated to lunch by Mr. Swandy and his wife. We serve traditional dishes of the nation bajau“ Amangan Sagol , bambangan, piutu, sambal ikan kering, and kerabu mangga. I am amazed at the Bugis ethnic meals are served.  Although, next to the Bajau   people, but  I never felt like today's traditional dishes. While eating, I took the opportunity to speak to her to know this family better.

After a full meal, we sat on the porch of the house while studying the family album En. Swandy. We opened my son's album and see pictures sulongnya camp at school. We saw pictures En. Swandy in the camp and asked him. He explained that he also a member of  the Association Parent Teacher at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelana as his eldest son to school there. He held the office of a small Committee.  However,  he participated in any activities organized by the PIBG. For example, he participated in the Program Village Co-Curriculum 2010 School. He helps teachers take the bamboo in the forest to set up camp students. In addition, he also provides personal assistance in the form of drinking water for the camp participants. His name is no stranger among the teachers because of its voluntary behavior.
In the afternoon at 4.00 pm, Mr. Swandy took us a  walk  in  the  village is an area of    ​​48 000 hectares, the Proton Saga Iswara, owned by him. We were also accompanied by his youngest child was 4 years old. He took us to visit a family-owned dried anchovies. He said that the company was his father's legacy. He just connects this company. His father is a business undertaking in scale only anchovies. But he has been developing markets outside the region. He has 13 employees and a supervisor who is his own brother Mr. Mahmud Bin Hj. Idris. He was not just trawl the anchovies, but dry and gred anchovies. He aspires to penetrate the international market at a later time. He was also awarded the Good Fishing Kelana Village of Agro Bank in conjunction with Hari Entrepreneur Tawau area. He also aims to add ten more “bagang” anchovy trawl as demand increases. Market prices also increased by the current economic climate.
Then, he took us to meet with the Village Development Committee members who happened to Kelana gathered at town hall while drinking in the evening. The arrival we were greeted by friendly villagers in the town hall. Very high cultural politeness is owned by the villagers. We have eaten cakes Bajau tradition of “ penyiaram, kuih sepit, bahulu bakar and pais pisang”. Afternoon tea while we chat and get acquainted. Although my husband was born here but his relationship with the villagers are not so familiar as he was studying and working in the city. He also rarely return home because time was limited. Through the stories I find that villagers En. Swandy a  respectable addition to the Village Head. His contribution in maintaining harmony in the village is very appreciated by the villagers Kelana. He is often in conjunction with members of the village neighborhood watch at night. He showed concern for the welfare of the village since time immemorial. This attitude caused the villagers consider him a public figure.

We went home at 5.00 pm. I came home with a thousand wonderful memories of the etched in memory.

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